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Published by
Ubisoft Entertainment SA
Developed by
Nival, Inc.
10 Okt 2007


Role-Playing (RPG), Strategy
Medieval / Fantasy, Turn-based
Add-on, Editor / Construction Set

Tribes of the East is the second stand-alone expansion pack for Heroes of Might and Magic V once again set in Ashan World but now bringing the Stronghold faction with orcs to the table and an additional upgrade to all dwellings. The first mission introduces the orcs, followed by 3 full campaigns for the Necropolis, Academy and Stronghold faction, with 5 missions each and all linking a single storyline.

There are also improvements to the gameplay itself, bugfixes, and a revision of the combat interface and a refined map editor. Other changes include new and easier access to spells, and settings for in-game and combat modes, providing additional information about the minions.

The new Stronghold faction offers 7 units (Centaur, Cyclops, Goblin, Shaman, Slayer, Warrior and Wyvern), the racial skill Blood Rage and the Barbarian as a hero.


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