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Platform: PS2 | Language: Multi 5 | Region: PAL / NTSC (50/60gz)
Genre: Action Role-Playing | Type: DVD | Format: ISO

The primary role of the space saga has Dzhasteru, romantic young man from an early age dream of interstellar travel. A young man, finally, embodies their dreams and sent to the fathomless depths of the universe. On the way he found space pirates, to which adjoins Dzhaster. What lies brave strangers among unknown stars and planets? Arrange his company, and will certainly know!

How many countries you visit and what they saw dikoviny? Many many? Even if you tour the entire world, Rouge Galaxy will be as surprised traveler. The game moves adventurer in a completely different universe with unusual for zemlyanina rules and laws, brave heroes and alien to our understanding the dangers. This world is as vast as ours, it includes many galaxies and planetary systems, among which you move on to … sailing frigates, adjust the solar wind! Surprised? But that’s not all magic Rouge Galaxy!


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